MF Doom 'Special Herbs Vol.9&0' 2xLp +7"

27.00 €

Special Herbs Vol. 9 & 0 is a must-have for any DOOM fan or hip-hop head. Also includes a limited-edition bonus 7”, featuring two beats from DOOM’s days as a member of 90s hip-hop trio KMD.

A1. Vinca Rosea
A2. Burdock Root
A3. Vervain
B1. Bergamont
B2. Podina
B3. “Untitled” (Meditation)
C1. Coltsfoot Leaf
C2. Orris Root Powder
C3. Passion Flower
D1. Yellow Dock
D2. Datura Stramonium
D3. Coca Leaf
D4. Peach Extract

Bonus 7’:
A1. Smokin’ That Shit
B1. It Sounded Like A Roc